Arrow Coffee

Client: Arrow Coffee
Job Scope: Packaging Design

Coffeephiles have been experimenting with many ways to get their daily jolt of caffeine, resulting in the creation of many nifty gadgets to satisfy their daily indulge. Coffee capsules, a single-use cup of finely grounded powder, made its first inroads under Nespresso®, and have been growing rife ever since. To offer a more affordable exclusive coffee experience, Arrow Coffee developed a range of premium coffee capsules which are compatible with all Nespresso® machines and for everyone to enjoy. 


A Missed Shot

Balancing between premium and affordable, Arrow Coffee's initial packaging leaned more towards the latter than they'd hoped. This new packaging struck the scale back to equity with its minimalist cover and luxurious colour. Brand prominence for the rookie company was elevated with the gold foil stamping of the logo and the vintage illustration of an upward arrow, as sharp as their coffee's potentness.


Design 1  (Selected by Client)

Design 1 (Selected by Client)

Design 2

Design 3