Beverages Branding Projects

Beverage Brand & Packaging design


Char D'or

Job Scope: Brand Identity Design / Packaging Design

Char D’or cognac is a new player in China’s highly competitive liquor market. The Championship Belt label design celebrates Char D'or’s world acclaimed French Cognac. The cognac’s rich history is intricately illustrated and engraved onto the 3D badge. The design confidently leaves a lot of space to flaunt the quality of the amber-coloured spirit.


Doc Cheng

Job Scope: Packaging Adaptation

The Tonic Water design follows an unconventional direction by focusing on Doc Cheng’s historical mural illustrations. The bottle neck was explored to its fullest by wrapping Doc Cheng’s strong and eye-catching graphics around it. Traditional yet colourful, the design establishes the brilliant taste carefully achieved after years of Doc Cheng’s vivid history.



Job Scope: Packaging Design

The design tactfully explains how each droplet of Bluestar water is collected from the springs of the Indonesian mountains. This bottle’s form is designed in which the consumer’s grip comfortably rests below the label. Additionally, the flip cap allows for easy swigs and secure protection.


Evian Press Kit

Job Scope: Press Packaging Design

Evian natural spring water is a product of nature, never adding things for taste or enhance with extras. The Press Packaging design honours their untouched water by illustrating the source, the heart of the French Alps. The pastel colours and minimal layout communicates the refreshing, distinctive crisp taste of the spring water.


德富祥 (De Fu Xiang)

Job Scope: Packaging Design 

De Fu Xiang is an 18-year-old company based in China. Their forte lies in offering healthy breakfast options; tea and oatmeal, sold in both online and retail, the latter being from Xi An spreading throughout China. The challenge lies in targeting both platforms, therefore providing consistency by encapsulating the heartiness of tea. The brand strategy is to communicate a perception of fragrance and warmth in the product’s aroma. Xi An, being one of the oldest cities in China, wealthy in heritage, the contemporary illustration prompts a sense of nostalgia. The design elicits rediscovery while the infusion of Xi An’s rich culture with modernity instils a sense of timelessness and fascination.


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