Client: Bastianos
Job Scope: Brand Identity, Interior Design

Manado may small island tucked cozily in the North of Indonesia, but it is booming with a rich atmosphere and an even richer cuisine. Bastianos has its sights set on uniting such an exotic province's culture on a plate, at the same time peppering in a flare of Italian taste as well. This restaurant-coffee-bar hybrid intends on being the one-stop-shop for a western twist on their local cuisine.


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Hundreds of Flavours, One logo

An explosion flavours fired off with Manado's signature rich chillies, Bastianos embodies the tropical island's wind and waves on a plate. The logo unifies all that is unique to Manado's tastebuds, forming a classical mosaic that promises customers quality in every one of its sub-elements. Amicable, but not childish, the freehand illustrations express the warm spirit of the Manadonese, while maintaining an air of professionalism with the stable wordmark underneath.

Logo Proposals

Design 1 (Selected by Client)


Design 2
A funky fusion of western vintage and Asian calligraphy, this logo is an expression of Bastianos' vibrancy and class.

Design 3
The name 'Bastiano' traces its roots back to an old Greek name. This logo borrows Greek elements and translates them into a symbol of wind and waves, two highlights of Manado's island.

Design 4
As majestic as the antlers of the Netherlands' stag and as delicate as a petite champagne glass, this logo fuses Manado's heavy Dutch influence with Bastianos' refined dining class.


Graphic Signature

Inspired from the nature of Manado, these fluid illustrations compliment the free-spirited logo in Bastianos' identity. Essentially more detailed icons of what Bastianos encompasses, these graphics give customers a more accurate visual of Bastianos' culture.