PAddy Folks

Client: Paddy Folks
Job Scope: Brand Identity, Store Identity

Rice to meet you! Every rice box from Paddy Folks is rich with flavour, with their key ingredient being the carbs itself. Each of their specialty flavours of rice is a game changer to your palette when paired with their ingredients, giving each of their dishes their own unique character.


Logo Proposals


Design 1 (Selected by Client)
The handwritten typography compliments the humbleness and eccentricity of the brand, at the same time personalising it as a mix-and-match rice box eatery.


Design 2
The individual letters juxtaposed together to form a quirky arrangement, fit for the brand’s lively character.


Design 3
A more vintage approach to the brand, bringing out the heritage of rice and Paddy Folk’s dedication towards flavoured rice.


Design 4
Using pop-art to bring out the personality of the brand.


Interior MuralS

A variety of murals were proposed in relation to each logo’s direction, with the selected concept below.


Bold, Bright, and Beaming

Consisting of a colour palette with all 3 primary colours and a whole wall of graphics, Paddy Folks' store confidently stands out as an iconic rice eatery in Funan Mall, with selected illustrations outlined with beaming neon lights.

To add to their character, a feature wall with rotating panels allows customers to interact and read fun facts about rice with queuing up at the counter.