Who We Are

We are a cross-disciplinary design firm based in Singapore. We believe in not just great ideas, but also those that work. That’s why we often dirty our hands to dig out in-depth insights in this complex and culturally-diversified regional market. With these hands-on knowledge, we help our clients engage and truly connect with their target audience.

With over two decades of solid experience in packaging design, we equip ourselves with a variety of specialised knowledge and understanding of each unique market environment. These valuable experiences can help our clients engage in successful branding campaigns and create brands that are built to last.

We strengthen our international experience with regional knowledge and help our clients to successfully decide their strategic brand direction to bring out the fullest business potential of the brand.



What We Do

Brand Design

A successful brand always starts with a great idea that subtly makes the brand promise linger in the minds of the audience. That promise may involves product quality, service, prices or various other things. Our job is to help the clients translate those tangible and intangible values accurately to memorable graphic solutions.

Orient Design - a cross-disciplinary design firm based in Singapore - has helped companies both big and small to develop, maintain, refine, and strengthen their brands. Successful re-branding involves evolution, not revolution. Your new brand is not just a new and improved version, but must strive to strengthen emotional ties and customer loyalty. An old brand doesn’t have to mean an aged brand - it can be re-worked or re-branded for it to stay fresh and relevant.

At the end of the day, having a brand identity that resonates with your target market is the most crucial factor. And here are case studies of how we have helped to refine or transform brand identities which impact customer needs and desires.



Packaging Design

With consumers’ complex and rapidly-changing behaviours , it is no longer a simple task of just having a pretty and unique packaging design to differentiate yourselves from others. Packaging Design is now a highly-competitive game of capturing the attention of the target audience through strategic graphic solutions. Only those who have deep understanding of consumers’ behaviours are able to initiate a strong bonding with the consumers.

With our expertise in packaging design and through experiences in wide spectrum of Commercial Products Categories, we have discovered the secret to understanding the consumers’ behaviours. This is crucial and important as this enables us to connect with your customers through your products and branding.

Five seconds, and that is all it takes for a consumer to decide whether or not to pick up your product. And we have a successfully track record in helping our clients win this five-seconds attention-capturing game. We can help you too.



Our Clients

Retail House Brands






Food Manufacturer


Food Manufacturer (FroZEN FOOD)




Bakery and Cafe branding


F&B Outlets












Traditional Chinese Medicine


Baby and Kids


Agriculture and Aquaculture


Founder's Story

At the age of 21 years, Jackie won the Singapore Young Designer Award by modernising Chinese typography which reinvented Chinese Chess design. The newfound fame scored him interviews at the top packaging design companies in Singapore, receiving jobs offers even before graduation.

As the only junior designer his first company, he persevered with his spirited energy and seized all opportunities to learn.  Through the experience, Jackie learnt the ropes of the design business ecosystem, which later became the foundation of his new company, Orient Design.


Culture and Work Ethic

Breaking the strong hierarchy of typical design companies, Jackie crafted a new system for designers, be it a junior or veteran, to contribute more actively. With a safe space for fruitful discussions and, harmonious interaction between designers, we quickly gained the confidence of returning clients.

No matter to size, country, or background of a client, we’ll trudge through to a customer experience that hits home with their community. It has been the strong rapport with the management and frontline workers that have brought our clients back to us.


A healthy Team Spirit Since 1995

After renting space at a wine warehouse and buying essential equipment, Jackie struggled to pay the first month of rent. Earnest about his work, he struck the deal to pay off the rent by redesigning the logo of the owner’s company. His perseverance paid off when Orient Design started winning awards, attracting both clients and designers alike. Taking on advising roles at local design institutions, Jackie inspired many young designers, and has continued to nurture them up till today.



Regional Exposure

Jackie’s enthusiasm led him to share the passion for his craft at seminars and exhibitions visited by the regional audience. With the rapid growth in the Southeast Asian and Chinese market, Singapore became the regional hub for design work. With our traction and regional exposure, we gained the confidence of many local and regional clients.

Overseas Market Studies

To achieve a well-rounded understanding of every client's brand background and customer psychographic, we conduct overseas market studies to their hometown whenever possible. This allows us to adapt to briefs of any shape and size for their desired market.


Branding Courses

This Brand Management training course is designed to help professionals to gain a thorough understanding about the brand direction of their company. It uses creative and strategic thinking skill to help delegates to define their unique set of brand management protocol.

The training covers the roles and responsibilities of brand management, and how these are evolving over time, the key organizational interfaces. The course provides all prerequisites, training, suggested readings and supplemental information.