Underdog Pet Foods

Client: Underdog Pet Foods
Job Scope: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Web Design (Link to site)

Underdog is a local pet food startup with a big ambition. Founded with the belief that pets are family, they needed an identity that reflects such a commitment to supreme pet health. This robust identity system that we crafted embodies the exact mood that any loving pet owner carries when they are pet food shopping— enthusiastic and full of life.


packaging Proposals


Design 1 (Chosen by Client)
This design balances between natural and cheerful, welcoming the health-savvy pet owner to pick it up.


Design 2
Inspired from the joy of the circus, this design carries both vigour, in its colour palette, and heritage, in its modern-vintage type treatment.

Design 3
Designed with a kraft paper background, this option leans more towards a raw and healthy mood, suggesting that the pet treats are free of artificial additives and are as natural as they should be.

Design 4
The “chalkboard” feel of this option intends to simulate a classroom setting where customers are being educated on the nutritional benefits of Underdog Pet Foods, encouraging them to take up this healthier choice.


Illustration System

Mini illustrations of each key ingredient were crafted with a hand-drawn style, matching the brand’s conviction to natural unprocessed food

underdog namecard mockup.jpg
Underdog Web Banner_Pet Treats.jpg
Underdog Web Banner_Box.jpg