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Our Design Process

Stage 1: Brand Audit

We understand that every client is unique, and it is our job to experience your brand's character to discover, review, and research about everything that'll spring your brand forward. The result? An actionable plan that directs you away from your competitors, and deeper into the market.

Stage 2: Brand Strategy

With this newfound research and a clear vision forward, we craft a powerful plan that hits home with your target audience within your budget range.

Stage 3: Brand Identity

Refine. Collaborate. Deliver. We'll come up with several proposed designs for your brand for you to shortlist. Together with your feedback, we work together to bring the brand you've pictured in your mind's eye to life. This includes:

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Naming

  • Brand Tagline

  • Brand Visuals

  • Graphic Signature

  • Brand Guidelines

Stage 4: Production

Here at Orient Design, we never leave your brand hanging. Our decades of experience allows us to advise you with the best applications for your brand, as well as apply your new brand's creative concept to them. We'll then watch your brand come to life by introducing you to our wealth of packaging suppliers to collaborate with. A thorough and complete branding process from start to finish.


branding Q&A

1. What is a brand ? Is brand a logo ?

It is rather common to confuse the two; A brand is not a logo but takes into considerations of all the aspects that associates with it. By considering all those factors, a good branding exercise can cultivate a desired brand loyalty between your product/service and consumers.

2. What is a brand audit ?

A brand audit is a process which a brand consultant conducts a diagnosis on the current state of a brand before presenting a sound brand strategy to chart your product or service along with its true brand value.

3. What is branding ?

Branding is not merely a logo redesign. In fact, it is a delicate exercise usually conducted to review if your product or service, in the midst of your competitors, is aligned to the market needs.

4. What makes a brand different from another ?

Similar to different DNA makeups from person to person, no brand is alike to another. The ability to define one’s unique brand DNA determines its brand visibility and distinctiveness in the market.

5. What is a brand lifecycle ?

The brand lifecycle measures the ‘health’ of a brand. Via a successful brand strategy, a brand could either progress to become an established brand or realigning its relevance with new innovations.

6. Why do we need rebranding ?

Ask yourself these questions: Is your product/service still appealing to your consumers? Is your brand still maintaining a stronghold in the market? Is your brand identity spelling your brand promise with clarity? If you have doubts in some of the questions above, you may need a rebranding.

7. How crucial is brand building ? Is it about brand identity ?

Brand building is similar to building a house with strong foundations. A brand has to be built with an end goal in mind. Brand identity is how others view your product or service from the outside- like the facade of the house. The pipes and cables that run beneath inside the house keeps it relevance to the residents living in it.

Hence, beneath the logo and all the visible applications, how is the product/service delivery keeping up with its brand promise.

8. How would an effective brand name build higher brand awareness ?

Imagine how would your receptionist greet one on the other end of the telephone with the brand name - A good brand name allows your consumers to have higher brand recall by the way it sounds to their ears. On top of that, it is also how the letters fit together visually. 

9. How does a good branding strategy affect advertising ?

In the past, brands depend inevitably on advertising agencies to build campaigns to target their consumers. However, those campaigns achieve tactical short term sales however each campaign has different objective and hence may not have a cohesive brand narrative of what its values lie in the minds of its consumers. A strategic branding approach considers to strike a more permanent brand image and unique brand equity in the market. With that in place, it governs each marketing effort and advertising campaign so that the brand value remains relevant.

10. What is the function of a brand identity guidelines ?

Brand identity guidelines is a set of documents to administer the brand identity so that applications such as the colours, dimensions and other recommendations remain consistent. Inconsistencies may cause confusion and sway brand loyalty in a long run.

11. How does brand architecture affect your brand ?

Establishing a brand architecture is a more complex branding and brand extension process wherein a holding company is growing more brands either within its main brand line or through acquisitions. A poor brand architecture planning could diminish its brand equity and the entire product or service offerings in the market.

12. Can an established brand revisit its brand positioning ?

An established brand must also conduct a ‘pulse check’ on a regular basis insofar as its product or service remain relevance with its target audience. New competitor brands may shift the market dynamics which in turn, threaten your existing foothold.

13. What is the difference between brand image and brand personality ?

The brand image is an external manifestation founded from the brand personality traits. They are interconnected to ensure the target audiences comprehend what a brand defines itself for and how it is meaningful to them.

14. How would an unique brand equity equate to higher brand loyalty ?

A unique brand equity communicates the brand story with clarity such as, inspiring and elevating its consumers towards their respective life goals. The brand offers a distinctive ‘perfect state’ wherein they could trust and depend on and therefore, cultivates higher brand loyalty.

15. Are there any subsidies from Government for SMEs who wish to undergo a branding or rebranding efforts ?

Enterprise Singapore provides an Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for SMEs who could benefit from schemes such branding and marketing. For more information on funding support, please visit Enterprise Singapore website.